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What We Do

Georgia has a remarkable number of internationally recognized, top-tier organizations working in global health from government, academic, non-profit, and private sectors.  These organizations are helping to end diseases and improve health and well-being for people in Georgia, nationally, and abroad.


Collectively, these organizations have a significant economic impact on both the city of Atlanta and the state that likely exceeds tens of billions of dollars annually.  Georgia has the potential to have an even greater impact on global health through leveraging the collective strength of the Georgia-based organizations that contribute to the global health mission.


Collaboration is absolutely critical in global health. The problems are far too large and costly for any one organization to solve on their own. Georgia has an underappreciated and underutilized critical mass of global health entities. The Georgia Global Health Alliance is working to:

  • Facilitate collaboration to create activities and partnerships that would not otherwise exist in Georgias global health community. 

  • Seek creative public-private partnership opportunities and promote global health understanding through outreach and awareness. Spur the growth of a Georgia͛s diverse economy in public and global health that creates good-paying jobs and provides equal access to economic prosperity.

  • Mapping Study

  • Georgia-based global health initiatives have had enormous social impact worldwide. Four decades of work in infectious and non-communicable disease, product development and education, among other emphases, has yielded unanticipated benefit to Georgia State͛s economy. A Global Health Mapping Study will quantify the significance of global health to the state of Georgia.

  • Collaboration Workshops

  • GGHA will coordinate and facilitate workshops which will facilitate dialogue and collaboration through the creation of traditional and non-traditional public-private ventures and structures that will drive new models of global health stakeholder collaboration and business and financial investment in global health while enhancing the ability of GGHA member organizations to work together to achieve global health equity.

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