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2020 Georgia Global Health Landscape Study

Thank you to our members and partners who helped produce this inaugural report
The 2020 Georgia Global Health Landscape Study is the first-ever study quantifying the impact of the global health sector on Georgia’s economy and the potential it holds for the future. This study will serve as a starting point for discussions about Georgia’s future global health strategy and investments.

The state of Georgia has long been at the crossroads of global health, home to some of the world’s top scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and advocates working to fight disease around the globe. Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgians are again leading the way, driving scientific advances on vaccines and therapeutics, and guiding decisions at all levels of government and business. The study could not come at a more important time and demonstrates how our state is not only supporting global health progress and innovation, but driving it. 

The findings of this study affirm Georgia’s position as an international hub for health. Global health is a vibrant and growing, cross-disciplinary sector in Georgia.

This report was prepared by:

2020 COVID Thought Leader Features

Our partners and members are instrumental in the fight against COVID-19 and other global health crises and are vitally important in protecting the health and safety of all people. The data for the report were collected just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. In an effort to highlight the great work of Georgia organizations, we invited members to share stories on how they are leading during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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New @GGHAlliance report demonstrates #globalhealth crucial to #GAeconomy! 33,450+ jobs, $2.3B+ in wages to state 
@GGHAlliance report: $1.18B+ in GA universities’ health and life sciences research spending. #Globalhealth #GAeconomy
@GGHAlliance report: In GA, 232+ orgs work to improve health in 150+ countries! #Globalhealth supports #GAeconomy! 
Global health sector increases GA’s economy by $3.3 BILLION+! #Globalhealth is crucial to #GAeconomy! @GGHAlliance report:
Global health work in GA=33,450+ jobs, $94,000+ in wages/salaries/benefits per job. #Globalhealth work=essential to #GAeconomy! @GGHAlliance
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The inaugural GGHA Global  Health Landscape study reveals how Georgia’s growing global health sector is not only driving innovation, growth, and influence for Georgia and its economy, but is also saving countless lives of people in the U.S. and around the globe. Download the report today and also view the COVID Thought Leader Stories featuring our members. #Globalhealth #GAeconomy
A few places in the U.S. are hubs for global health. With the CDC and other global health powerhouses located in Georgia, where does Georgia’s global health sector stand in its impact and influence? Learn more in this first-ever study of the size, scope, and impact of Georgia’s global health sector on Georgia’s economy. #Globalhealth #GAeconomy
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