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GGHA envisions a world in which collaboration leads to global health equity.


Global Health Equity is the absence of avoidable or remediable differences among groups of people, with respect to health determinants, access to the resources needed to improve and maintain health or health outcomes, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically, or geographically. – (Derived from the World Health Organization).



The GGHA exists to advance global health equity by promoting and facilitating collaboration amongst business, academia, non-profits and government organizations within Georgia and linking them with partners in the US and other countries.

To accomplish this mission our core objectives are:


  • CONNECT: Foster strategic partnership & facilitate collaboration by convening traditional and nontraditional stakeholders including business, academia, non‐profits and government organizations to build relationships and cultivate trust; thereby advancing global health opportunities and outcomes.

  • MOBILIZE: Mobilize the stakeholders in global and national health, and become an effective tool to overcome the barriers of organizations working together.

  • ADVOCATE & EDUCATE: on behalf of the sector on public policy matters to lawmakers and business leaders about the importance of global health for Georgia’s economy, international relationships, and communities.

  • GROW: Support business and economic development activities across sectors in an effort to grow Georgia’s economy.

How We Operate

We operate as an all-volunteer run organization. Find out how you can get involved by contacting us. We thrive on participation, honest discussions, and the generous donations of time from the community.

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