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Outputs To Outcomes

Several years ago, MedShare made an important transition. We shifted our focus from outputs to outcomes in an effort to expand our mission and better serve communities in need.

Two of the most important questions we had to answer for ourselves were what is our intended impact, and how were we going to make that change happen? We called this our Intended Impact and our Theory of Change.

Intended Impact and Theory of Change became powerful tools to structure our strategic decisions going forward. Out of these ideas came additional strategic components. We considered what services we wanted to provide to whom. From there we had to determine what skills, staffing, systems, and structure were needed? What is the funding model to deliver this strategy? How do we know we’re achieving the desired results?

Answering each of these critical questions led us down a long and fruitful path to where we are today. Moving from a local surplus recovery nonprofit to a global health and humanitarian aid organization was an arduous process, but it allowed us to serve more people than we ever could have before. Thanks to this transition MedShare has served over 20 million patients and strengthened healthcare in 103 countries.

Join me at the Joint Global Summit on May 15, 2019 as I discuss more about MedShare’s shift from outputs to outcomes and how compassion, ethics, and excellence in global health changed our organization for the better.

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