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MAP International Adds Good Samaritan Health Center in Atlanta to Georgia-based Pilot Program

MAP International, funded by a grant from Georgia Baptist Healthcare Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF), announces the Atlanta launch of its pilot program to expand access to medicine in Georgia.

The first such partnership established in Atlanta with the Good Samaritan Health Clinic will provide prescription assistance to uninsured and under-insured citizens who have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system.

A grant from Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF) will enable MAP to provide access to high-quality medicines to people in critical need. Medications will be dispensed through free and charitable clinics throughout metro Atlanta to patients being treated for hypertension, diabetes, asthma and high cholesterol.

“We are deeply grateful for the financial grant from Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation to help us provide more life-changing medicines to those in need. Without their generosity, many in Georgia would not receive the medications they require. Our program is sure to assist those who need it most,” Steve Stirling, President and CEO, MAP International.

“Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation is thankful for the ministry of MAP International and are grateful to be able to support this effort. We look forward to working with MAP and Good Samaritan Health Clinic in providing medicines to those in need in metro Atlanta,” Rex Mobley, CFO and VP of Operations, Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation.

“The opportunity to provide additional medications on site for our patients in metro Atlanta is the heart of The Good Samaritan Health Center’s Full Circle of Health holistic approach to care. We are thrilled to be working with MAP on this important prescription medicine initiative to help uninsured, underinsured, and homeless in our community.

“This partnership makes it possible for us to continue our mission of Spreading Christ’s Love through Quality Healthcare to Those in Need,” Veronica Squires, Chief Administrative Officer, The Good Samaritan Health Clinic said.

Medicines are a key component of essential health care but are also unaffordable to many individuals and families in Georgia where more than 1.8 million people living without insurance (nearly 20 percent of the state population) and an additional 1 million people who qualify as underinsured.

About Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation.

In response to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ, and keeping with our Baptist heritage, the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation is committed to the continuation of a healthy community. For more than 100 years, the Georgia Baptist Health Care System has offered a ministry of healing to those in need. Programs funded by GBHCMF endorse themes of self-help, independence, and individual responsibility.

About Good Samaritan Health Clinic

For many the access to quality healthcare like regular check-ups and exams, prenatal care, dental visits, health education and counseling all seems, though sometimes burdensome, a necessity to living a well-balanced life. Too often, however, families must choose between the basics of food and shelter or preventive healthcare that could not only change their lives, but many times save them.

The Good Samaritan Health Center exists to remove the burden of that decision from families, creating a place where they can receive the highest quality care without sacrificing the necessities of life. Good Sam serves individuals and families who have the least access to healthcare and are at the highest risk of having serious health issues remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Featured image L to R: Dr. William C. Warren, Founder and Pediatrician, Good Samaritan Health Center Atlanta and Steve Stirling, MAP International President and CEO.

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