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Love need not be blind...

He lived hours away from the clinic in Huatulco, Mexico. The elderly gentleman entered the clinic hoping for a miracle. He was completely blind.

At 70 years old, the man could no longer see due to cataracts. It pained him to be a burden on his family. He prayed the long journey would prove fruitful.

His prayer to God was simple – that his sight would be restored. He was among many in prayer that day. So many people waiting just to see the doctor...

When Dr. Jennifer Wentworth joined the World Cataract Foundation, she wanted to use her years of training and experience to help the blind poor improve their eyesight.

Like the elderly gentleman who entered the Huatulco clinic that day, cataracts had blinded thousands in resource-poor areas of the world. She knew about these conditions. More than anything, she had a passion to give the gift of sight to those less fortunate.

Cataract surgery is a straightforward procedure that produces dramatic results. But for many, it is only a dream.

When Dr. Wentworth completed surgery that day, one patient could hardly restrain his happiness.

She saw elderly gentleman across the room. And he could see her. His sight was so improved he was able to read his own post-operative instructions.

He could not wait to return home to share his happiness with his family and finally be more helpful. His gratitude was boundless and his heart was filled with joy.

Don't Let Love Go Blind, Give The Gift of Sight

What will you give your loved ones this Valentines Day? Imagine if you could help give the gift of sight.

This February 14, after you’ve purchased the candy and flowers for your loved one - give one more gift from your heart. Consider showing your love with a gift from the MAP Gift Catalog and provide hope to those in need.

The MAP Blue Box is one gift that will equip a medical mission team with the medicines and supplies they need to work in a small rural clinic like the one in Huatulco. It is designed to help meet the needs of people who do not have access to medicines and health supplies.

Each mission pack contains life-saving medicine such as antibiotics, first aid items and other critically-needed surgical supplies.

You could help more people like this man from rural Mexico. He regained his eyesight - imagine what your gift could do.

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