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Fire Bombs and Rock Falls - Thousands Flee Mayon Volcano

There are no cable news shows documenting their plight. You won’t see any emboldened weathermen doing live shots from the falling ash.

But today, half way around the world, 82,000 people are experiencing a disaster of epic proportions. One that is largely going unnoticed here in the United States.

Two weeks ago, Mount Mayon in the Philippines began billowing ash and smoke. Fire bombs and rock falls filled the sky. Molten lava poured into valleys and eventually flowed all too closely to homes and businesses. The unpredictability of the volcano's eruption day and night have left evacuees with no choice but to abandon their homes and livelihood for an indefinite period.

They’re living in cramped conditions, more than a thousand people for each of the 88 small evacuation centers. MAP International partners report that more than 250 pregnant women and nearly 800 new mothers are among the displaced.

They need your help.

MAP has assembled enhanced Disaster Health Kits that contain antiseptic wipes, soap for hand-washing, feminine hygiene products, and other basic disease prevention items. MAP International is working with the Ayuda Foundation to airlift 1,152 of these enhanced kits to serve those in need.

One enhanced kit will serve the needs of a family of four for a week, or roughly 4600 people. MAP will continue to monitor the situation closely to determine further needs.

Today, MAP International CEO Steve Stirling and MAP Disaster Response Team members took advantage of a previously scheduled meeting with Ayuda Foundation leaders to finalize plans to help those in need affected by the eruption of Mount Mayon.

We are grateful to the Ayuda Foundation and their generous support of this critical effort to help those in the Philippines immediately.

We need your help to assist those displaced. Thank you for helping those who need it most.

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