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Leaving A Legacy of Hope

Drs. Naomi and Charles “Leslie” Archer were medical missionaries who did extraordinary work in Ecuador, then Panama, and later back in the United States.

During their mission years they both served people in need while raising four children.

Their involvement in missions never wavered...

According to their son, Steven, also a physician, “They had long and fruitful careers. Their involvement in missions never wavered. Next to the dinner table was a bulletin board with the pictures of all the missionaries they personally supported financially and with prayer.”

Both known for their strong faith, Dr. Leslie Archer said, “I believe that a doctor must bring the patients, whose body he is healing, to the only Physician who can heal them spiritually.”

According to Dr. Steven Archer, his parents had a “deep and abiding love for MAP.” After they both passed away in their nineties, their medical legacy continued through a generous bequest to MAP.

“We are so honored that these dear servants of God, who gave their lives to healing, would be so generous to MAP,” said Steve Stirling, MAP’s President and CEO.

“Through their bequest, many more will receive medicine to bring them physical health. And we know that their spiritual legacy will live on as well through others who continue in medical missions.”

How To Leave Your Legacy

As a 501(c)(3) organization, you can name MAP International as a beneficiary in your last will and testament. To learn more about including MAP in your will, go to

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