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PwC’s Health Research Institute Top Health Industry Issues of 2017: A year of uncertainty and opport

The election of Donald J. Trump will usher in a new era for the US healthcare industry, which has spent years adapting to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet, despite the potential policy changes in Washington, the painstaking and challenging work of shifting to value-based care will continue. PwC Health Research Institute’s annual report highlights the forces that are expected to have the most impact on the healthcare industry in the coming year.

Many of the top issues of 2017 highlight how this shift toward value is occurring, and how traditional health organizations and new entrants are responding to it. This shift to value can be felt in the quest to use emerging technologies – from artificial intelligence to blockchain to virtual reality – to find efficiencies for consumers and business operations. It is also fueling development of new armaments for mankind’s war against infectious diseases.

One of the top trends that PwC’s report highlights is the battle against infectious disease and how that will spark invention. As the war against infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance expands across borders, public health agencies and private industry are pouring money into the development of new and innovative weapons to fight the battle against infectious diseases.

Regulators and the industry alike are working together to develop rapid diagnostics to help win the fight. Moreover, key collaborations are i) yielding partnerships with public agencies to overcome market barriers, ii) supporting the use of mobile technology to locate and diagnose patients and iii) providing the appropriate education to medical staff about fighting disease in a global context.

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