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Global Health Council Launches Global Health Briefing Book for U.S. Congress

Earlier this month, Global Health Council (GHC) released its publication Global Health Works: Maximizing U.S. Investments for Healthier and Stronger Communities on Capitol Hill. This biennial publication provides a comprehensive set of statistics and impact stories illustrating how the United States has been a leader in global health over the past decade. There are 18 briefs in total that address some of the most pressing global health issues, from maternal and child health to global health security. This resource builds the case for global health across multiple priorities and stakeholders.

Non-governmental organizations, corporate entities, and academic institutions contributed to consensus recommendations for the U.S. Congress that reflect the greatest gains and opportunities in global health. Global Health Works is a representation of the global health community standing shoulder-to-shoulder in support of continued U.S. investments that focus on our common ground.

Rather than identifying “best practices” or choosing between global health priorities or funding streams, GHC and its members and partners recognize the value of thinking and working holistically across organizations and programs to leverage their respective resources and best serve individuals and communities in need worldwide. Global Health Works provides a foundation for understanding the critical need for Congress to maintain support for global health and continue U.S. leadership in international development.

We invite all advocates within and outside of Washington, DC to use these briefs and related recommendations or impact stories in their discussions with policymakers. We have heard time and time again from staff on Capitol Hill that the global health community having a consistent message will be critical this year. Therefore, we hope that this resource can serve as a foundation for the outreach of regional alliances to their own contacts in Congress so that we can continue to be unified in our efforts. In addition, GHC welcomes local advocates or alliances to contact us with updates regarding your various conversations. Let's support one another at this critical time and draw upon the power of collaboration to be successful.

Global Health Works is accessible online at Individual briefs and stories are available to download and share.

Contacts: Loyce Pace, MPH, President and Executive Director; Danielle Heiberg, Advocacy Manager Global Health Council

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