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A Record Year of Serving Those Most in Need

Our hearts are full and the MAP International team is deeply humbled by the tremendous support offered in 2017. Because of your compassion ‘for the least of these’, MAP was able to serve more people in 2017 than ever in one year. This means more people received life-changing medicines because of you.

For the many who offered gifts, your timing could not have been better...

  • MAP International provided life-changing medicines and health supplies for 10.8 million people in 2017. In addition, MAP International's field offices in Africa and Latin America served another 3.4 million people living in impoverished communities.

  • For victims of hurricanes last fall, MAP International supplied critically-needed antibiotics, bronchodilators, hypertension medicines, analgesic medicine, and hygiene items such as antiseptic wipes, soap for hand-washing and other basic disease prevention measures. More than 300,000 people were helped during this extremely difficult time.

  • MAP International also provided relief for people fleeing violence in Syria, those trapped by the famine in East Africa, and victims of earthquakes and flooding in Guatemala, Mexico, and Sierra Leone.

But the numbers do not tell the whole story. You made it possible for us to help so many. Their stories are like the stories of Mercy, Angelina, America, or Amira.

Also, because of your generous support, we are well-positioned to do more for people like them in 2018. MAP's $100,000 ‘Double Your Gift’ campaign in December was a tremendous success. We cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve this extraordinary goal.

We look forward to sharing with you our plans for 2018 and the ways we will use your cherished gifts of compassion to achieve our mission of providing "Medicine to the World".

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