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Global Health ATL Initiatives


Global Health ATL has created Tiger Teams is to focus on a specific global health project and drive the project forward. Tiger teams are a concept originally employed by NASA. It is a diversified group of experts brought together for a single project, need, or event. They are usually assigned to investigate, solve, build, or recommend possible solutions to unique situations or problems. They are almost always populated with mature experts who know what's at stake, what needs to be done, and how to work well with others.


By collaborating with members from their own and other organizations, Tiger Team Leads and Members are developing innovative ideas, creating action plans, and implementing strategies to fulfill the vision of Global Health ATL.


Global Health District

  • Create a physical global health footprint, with support staff

  • Align and grow the 33 global health entities

  • Provide support to startups

  • Provide support to scaling companies


Disease Eradication + Economic Development

  • Establish additional disease focus programs working with the CDC Foundation and CDC

  • Recruit additional charity headquarters to Atlanta

  • Recruit unconventional charitable organizations to the mission

  • Develop global health scholarship program


Disaster Response

  • Create a first-of-its-kind location that can bring together all global disaster responders to foster faster and more efficient delivery of aid and support to areas in crisis

  • Host a disaster response conference for non-profit organizations, coordinating with disease response organizations

  • Develop programs for Georgia-based corporations that offer disaster response support

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